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Amwaj is both a choir school with two branches (in Hebron and Bethlehem) and a performing choir that focuses on national and international exchanges. It is also a social project, where the young singers attend all weekly classes and extra-curricular activities free of charge. With this triple identity, Amwaj has a wide range of needs – from pedagogical to logistical ones, from administrative to production ones, from artistic to recreational ones – which translate into an equally wide range of ways it can be supported.

Since 2015, the weekly training of the children and youths attending Amwaj courses is possible thanks to the generous support of the Swiss foundation Les Instruments de la Paix – Genève.

To carry out its extra-curricular activities (workshops, joint rehearsals, concerts and tours in Palestine, summer and winter camps, production of recordings and videos, international tours, hosting guest artists and choirs in Palestine) Amwaj must rely on the support and generosity of people and institutions who believe in the value of the project and who are both willing and able to contribute to its success.

Also, Amwaj does not have its own spaces for classes and rehearsals in Bethlehem and Hebron. It relies on spaces temporarily made available by other institutions, not always entirely adequate to the activities of the choir school. Acquiring stability in this sense is one of Amwaj’s priorities.


  • By volunteering your professional expertise
  • By proposing artistic partnerships and collaborations with a vision towards development over time
  • By following and supporting Amwaj on Facebook, on its YouTube channel, and at its live performances
  • Through more traditional ways of support such as sponsorship and donations:

Joining the association Soutien Amwaj and/or donating to it:

Helloasso: Soutien Amwaj memberships and donations are possible via the following links:

    Bank transfer: Association Soutien Amwaj


    FR76 1627 5006 0008 0017 7189 034



The French association Soutien Amwaj was created in 2018 to contribute to the sustainability of the Amwaj choir school in Palestine by: 

  • Managing some of its programs
  • Promoting its activities and supporting its development both in Palestine and internationally, notably by seeking partnerships and financial means 
  • Facilitating residencies, exchanges, and punctual interventions by artists and pedagogues
  • Being a space for exchange and research around children’s music-practice based on collective and individual singing 


If you are taxable in France, your contributions entitle you to a tax deduction of 66%