The Amwaj Choir Program is supported by:

 Instruments of Peace - Geneva    
 Fondazione Giovanni Paolo II   
Institut Français de Jérusalem   

Amwaj is a member of MEDINEA (Mediterranean Incubator of Emerging Artists)


MEDINEA manifesto


The Amwaj Choir Program is kindly hosted by:
Hebron: Association d’Echanges Culturels Hébron-France (teaching spaces in the old city and in the new city of Hebron). Directed by Anwar and Chantal Abueisheh, the association was founded nearly 20 years ago.

: Ghirass Cultural Centre, founded and directed since 1993 by Ibtisam Zghayyer.

The logo of the Amwaj Choir Program has kindly been designed by: Elias and Youssef Anastas 

International Choirs who performed with the Amwaj Choir Program:
Les Petits Chanteurs de Lyon (July 2017, April 2018), dir. Thibaut Louppe
Oslo Philharmonic Choir (December 2016), dir. Tore Erik Mohn
Choir of London (August 2016), dir. Jessie Maryon-Davis

Local Choirs who performed with the Amwaj Choir Program:
Sounds of Palestine Choir (January, July 2017)
St Joseph School (January 2017)
École des frères (January 2017)
Olive Branches Choir (December 2016)

Musicians who performed with the Amwaj Choir Program:

Bethlehem Strings:
Invited concert master: Amandine Beyer
Invited section leaders: Folkwang International Ensemble
Invited conductors: Mathieu Romano and Nicolas Simon
Invited musicians: Julie Huguet and Thibaut Maudry
Violins: Serry Ezbidi, Ezzat Qupty, Afnan Abbasi, Karis Ailabouni, Katrina Nahhas
Cellos: Iman Abbasi, Aynour Tawil
Violins: Michele Cantoni, Lamar Elias, Aleen Masoud, Rebecca Minio-Paluello, Aidan Pendleton, Guzman Bajo Sosa, Tom Suarez, Camille Aubret, Lourdina Baboun, Matthieu Camilleri, Dima Hourani, Carol Ibrahim, Mahmoud Karzon, Gandhi Saad
Violas: Haneen Rjoub, Tom Suarez, Mathilde Vittu, Marina Eichberg, Rashed Zarour
Cellos: Vicente Marín Díez, Daniele Spada, Jude Amous, Suhail Canaan, Tibah Saad, Juliette Vittu
Double bass: Fadwa Qamhia
Violone: Baldomero Barciela
Theorbo: Ondrej Jaluvka
Harpsichord/Spinet: Edgardo Campos, Ramzi Shomali
Buzuq: Jalal Albess
Guitar: Amir Malhis
Qanoun: Khalil Khoury
Oud: Hitham Daoud
Percussions: Mohammed Karzon
Folkwang International Ensemble (String Quintet): 
Violins: Valentin Delpy, Yves Ytier
Viola: Anna Maria Wünsch
Cello: Salome Ryser
Bass: Dominique Chabot

Nawa Arabic Music Ensemble: 
Oud: Loab Hammoud
Percussions: Nadeem Khoury
Violin: Mohammad Rjoub
Viola: Haneen Rjoub
Nay: Raed Koubari

Ramallah Orchestra:
Conductor: Diego Masson
Manager: Al Kamandjati 
Musicians from Palestine and from abroad

Individual Musicians:
Piano: Clémence Monnier, Khoulud Sabbara, Ramzi Shomali
Guitar and piano: Robin Burlton
Nay and clarinet: Mohamed Najem, Fares Ishaq
Percussions: Mohammed Karzon, Khader Jaraiseh
Violins/Violas: Michele Cantoni, Morgane Marticoréna, Aleen Masoud, Rebecca Minio-Paluello, Guzman Bajo Sosa, Tom Suarez
Cello: Vicente Marín Díez, Fabienne Van Eck
Piano, Oboe, Clarinet, Contrabass:  « Les musiciennes de Belfort »
Arranger: Bernard Dewagtere
Composer: Jean-Christophe Rosaz

Most of the local musicians who performed with the Amwaj Choir Program are linked to musical institutions in Palestine:
Edward Said National Conservatory of Music
Al Kamandjati
Sounds of Palestine

Pictures and videos by:
Fares S. Mansour, Philip Hihi, Francis Hihi, Laurence Maillard, Anne-Gaëlle Matagne, Mélanie Playe, Youssef Shakarneh, Tom Suarez, Élodie Vittu, Alice Raulo, Charles Cole, Ibrahim Burnat, Shafee Hafez, Nasser Alwardy.